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Gala Exhibitors

We are excited to host our first exhibitors' gallery at our annual fundraising gala! On this page you will find all of the information you need to know as well as the form to register.


Registration is FREE!

Since this is our very first exhibitor gallery we will not be assessing a registration fee but you will be required to submit proof of insurance.


Target Audience

Our target audience is sickle cell warriors & caregivers, along with those that have a stake in the cause. This may include healthcare workers/ companies, pharmaceutical companies, or other philanthropists. 


Sales are Prohibited!

This is our fundraising gala so we want to be sure that our guests are ready for the fun when 6 o'clock comes around!


Your Goal

Your goal as an exhibitor is to promote your brand, product, and/or service(s) (without making sales, #2) and make business connections. You can absolutely schedule appointments, meetings, etc. that may lead to sales.

Register now as an exhibitor and get a discount code to purchase tickets to the gala! Hurry, because tickets will sell fast! Questions? Contact LaVon Clack at or (502) 802-9224

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