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The Sickle Cell Association of Kentuckiana is a non-profit organization. Our mission is to provide support, education, and advocacy to individuals and families impacted by Sickle Cell Disease throughout the State of Kentucky. We are committed to developing and promoting favorable resolutions to issues that impact individuals and families.


In order to fulfill our mission and vision we offer a variety of programs and events. We plan various family-friendly activities/ events to build community and bring awareness to SCD, we offer support via our STAR Program, and we give to our children and youth through our Warrior Scholarships.


Our family-friendly events change slightly from year to year, but include Family Paint & Sips, a Summer Family Celebration, with a video game truck and face painting, a Winter Holiday party with a toy & gift card giveaway, a school supply giveaway, and an annual Sickle Cell Awareness Walk. Family favorites include the Winter Holiday Party and the Sickle Cell Walk. 


Our largest program is our STAR Program, which stands for Support, Transportation, Aid, and Resources. We assist those who are struggling due to their own illness or that of a loved one in their care. Through our  STAR Program we assist with delinquent utility bills, medication and grocery expenses, transportation to routine and unplanned medical appointments, including blood transfusions, educational seminars, and monthly community meetings. The STAR Program’s purpose is to help support children and their families in a variety of ways that will help improve and/or sustain their health and well-being.


Our scholarship program, known as the Warrior Scholarships, is awarded to individuals of all ages looking to further their education. The Junior Warrior Scholarship is for school-age children to use to participate in extracurricular activities. Then we have a Warrior Scholarship for new graduates, youth, and adults looking for financial assistance for trade schools, university, or community college. These scholarships are intended to help support our community members to be strong, independent people. These scholarships are awarded throughout the year and honored at our annual fundraising gala in the fall.


For many families in Kentucky and Southern Indiana, The Sickle Cell Association of Kentuckiana (SCAK), represents the voice of individuals directly affected by sickle cell disease. We refer to those individuals as Sickle Cell Warriors or ‘warriors’. Whether providing support groups, events, or financial assistance, The Sickle Cell Association of Kentuckiana enriches the lives of warriors and families. SCAK represents a great need for the Sickle Cell population and focuses on creating a promising atmosphere by educating families, the community, and health care providers. 

Our vision is for people to become knowledgeable about Sickle Cell Disease and Sickle Cell Trait and how it affects the physical, mental, and psychosocial components of the body.


Our goal is to 

  • broaden community awareness and education about Sickle Cell Disease and its effects.

  • Provide support and empowerment to children, adults, and their families through family-oriented activities and support groups. 

  • Link warriors and families with the specialized medical doctors and the appropriate medical treatment. 

  • Equip warriors and families with the community resources necessary for a better quality of life. 

  • Enable the community (churches, organizations, schools, medical facilities) to understand the psychosocial and healthcare issues surrounding Sickle Cell Disease (SCD). 

  • Encourage the community to take an active role in eliminating healthcare disparities. 

  • To provide temporary financial relief for all members of the sickle cell community.


For almost two decades now, The Sickle Cell Association of Kentuckiana (SCAK) has been an intricate part of support and advocacy for sickle cell warriors and their families. Each year we continue to grow and become better equipped to serve the community through education and awareness. On an annual basis we served approximately 100+ families through direct services and events. We strive to provide needed financial support, as well as increase exposure to disparities in the healthcare system related to sickle cell disease and sickle cell trait. Every year we look forward to increasing family assistance through direct services and educating others through community initiatives, health fairs, and other outreach.

Here is why we continue our work at SCAK.

with Us!

If you would like to volunteer with us please take a minute to click on the link below, fill out the Jotform, and one of our team members will contact you about upcoming opportunities!

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